The estimated 200,000 Jews living in Ukraine are in urgent need and are counting on us.

After almost six weeks of fighting, the war continues in Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians, including tens of thousands of Jews, have fled the country and millions of others are internally displaced. Jewish Federations and our partners continue to work together to ensure that urgent relief reaches the most needy. 

Together, Jewish Federations have raised $43.4 million and have already allocated $40 million to help organizations on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to support refugees and Jewish communities in their time of need. We are continuing to allocate funds based on the changing needs in the field. 

While continuing to support the vital efforts in Ukraine, new donations via the Jewish Federation of Ottawa from this point forward will also help resettle Jews from the region who have been impacted by the conflict and are seeking to build a new life in Canada.  

According to estimates, the funds have already had impact in the following ways:

    5,000+ Jewish refugees have been evacuated

    650+ Jewish Ukrainian refugees have arrived as new olim in Israel

    4,130 beds were rented

    23,000+ calls have been received at various hotlines

    Over 70% of the requests are for food, medicines, and evacuation

    7,000 refugees have received on-the-ground support in Ukraine

    Supporting more than 1,000 locations across Ukraine

    Serving as the lifeline for 40,000 Jewish elderly and 2,500 poor Jewish children

Our ability to respond is a powerful testament to the strength of the Federation system and the success of our Annual Campaign. We are in a position to help today, because we were on the ground yesterday.

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WATCH: Jewish Federations: Work on the Ground Supporting Ukrainian Jewry

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